The Best Vinyl Folding Patio Doors

Create incredible indoor outdoor spaces with our high-quality, direct to consumer, hingeless, vinyl folding patio doors in white, beige, or a variety of colors. Up to 19 1/2 ft width and 8ft high to meet your needs.

Key Features

The Panoramic Doors vinyl folding patio door brings the beauty and flexibility of the folding/bi-fold to the vinyl door market. Because the panels operate independently of each other, there is no concern with expansion and contraction problems common to the vinyl bi-fold door. Our innovative design will change forever the way you think about folding patio doors.

  • Ideal for hot & cold climates.
  • Interlocking tongue-n-groove for superior seal and security
  • High-quality aluminum re-enforced vinyl for strength & performance
  • Robust panels suitable for all environments
  • Proprietary eeCore™ thermal core for reduced thermal transfer
  • Sill options for best weather barrier and low-profile installation
  • Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security
  • Single lite panels up to 8ft tall
  • Panel widths of 20″ to 38″
  • White or beige vinyl, four laminate colors
  • Master swing door on every system
  • Up to 19’6″ wide
  • Inswing or outswing
  • Add a screen system for year-round comfort and protection

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A Truly Unique Vinyl Folding Patio Door

Everything about how the Panoramic Door operates is unique and special. It's the best moving glass wall system on the market today due to the folding door technology.

  • Hingeless Operation
  • Individually Moving Panels
  • Bottom Track Supported
  • Master Swing Door on Every System
  • Superior Interlocking Panels
  • Master Swing Door on Every System

    Every Vinyl Folding Patio Door provides a master swing door for easy entry and exit. The Signature Series aluminum door offers the option of having a swing door on both ends of your door system.

    Optional swing door on both ends

    Individually Moving Panels

    Get the most enjoyment out of your door with maximum versatility. Individually moving panels allow you to position each panel to control both air and traffic flow. 

    One of the best things is the unique design allows you to position furniture on either side of the door. These vinyl folding patio doors make a great alternative to traditional sliding glass doors. 

    High Quality Vinyl For Your Patio Door

    Your door is built using only the highest quality vinyl formulated for years of direct sunlight and all weather conditions. Unlike aluminum, vinyl will never crack or peel so you're patio door looks great for years and years to come. 

    Laminated Vinyl Is Perfect For All Climates

    Add color to your vinyl door with laminate. Our laminate is heat reflective and perfect for all climates. 

    Vinyl Folding Patio Door Options


  • High quality extruded vinyl
  • Tongue-n-groove interlocking panels
  • Hingeless individual panel operation
  • Bottom track supported
  • Square cut panel frame.
  • Hidden hinges
  • 3-Point locking system
  • Thermally efficient
  • Retractable screen option
  • Options

  • Wide range of configurations for design flexibility
  • 1-6 panels
  • One master swing door
  • Inswing or out-swing
  • Folding windows
  • Kitchen servery pass-through
  • Retractable screen option
  • Sizes

    1 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 26″

    Max Frame Width: 44″

    2 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 46″

    Max Frame Width: 82″

    3 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 66″

    Max Frame Width: 120″

    4 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 86″

    Max Frame Width: 158″

    5 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 106″

    Max Frame Width: 196″

    6 Panel Door

    Min Frame Width: 126″

    Max Frame Width: 234″

    Bottom Track Options

    Upstand track

    Best for all-weather performance

    Track Base Height: 1"

    Upstand Height: 5/8"

    Total Height: 1 5/8"

    Depth (inside to outside): 2 3/4

    Flush Track

    Not suitable for areas with concern for wind or water intrusion.

    Total Height: 1"

    Depth (inside to outside): 2 3/4"

    Bottom Track Options

    Vinyl Colors



    Laminate Colors




    Anthracite Grey

    Door Handles

    Lakeview Black

    Lakeview Silver

    Estate Black

    Estate Silver

    City Scape White

    Window Handles

    Bronze Window Handle

    Nickel Window Handle

    White Window Handle

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