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Certified Partner Program

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Certified Partner Program

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Program Overview

Direct Referral Pipeline

Gain direct access to a steady flow of clients needing installation services foradvanced door systems, eliminating the need for extensive marketing as well as opportunity to showcase any additional services you may provide.

Operational Autonomy

Maintain full control over your work schedule and client interactions, allowing you thefreedom to manage projects according to your own standards and timelines. 

Eligibility for Specialization

Join an exclusive group of technicians and companies specially trained and certified to install complex door systems, setting your business apart from competitors

Brand Association

Leverage the reputation of Most Innovative Doors LLC, a known leader in innovative door solutions, to enhanceyour own business credibility and appeal in the marke

Marketing and Support

Receive professional marketing support and materials that highlight your partnership with Most Innovative Doors LLC, boosting your local business visibility

Quality Standards and Expectations

Uphold high standards of installation quality and customer service, ensuring thatyour project reflects well on both your business and Most Innovative Doors LLC.

Resource Access

Get professional development opportunities including training and certification on the latest door technology and installation techniques provided by MID LLC.

Simplified Application Process

Apply easily through an online platform with clear criteria and a straightforward review process, designed to quickly integrate qualified partners into the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

● It’s a partnership initiative where experienced contractors and/or fenestration installers
can receive direct referrals to install our innovative door systems for both consumer and
contractor markets in your local community of doing business.
● A commission structure for contractors that self generate orders for their clients projects
with an option to alternatively purchase directly from us and receive a discount.

We welcome applications from independent technicians and construction companies
experienced in fenestration, specifically with large door systems similar to bifold doors.

● Include receiving direct client referrals.
● Additional work that may be generated for you as a byproduct from the installation of our
● Leveraging our brand’s reputation in your marketing.
● Operating as an independent contractor.
● Listed on our website under the Certified Partner Program allowing you more exposure
to new business opportunities.

There are no fees to apply or join our Certified Partner Program. Partners only need to meet
and maintain the program’s quality standards and certification requirements.

● Applicants should have proven experience with fenestration projects, especially large
door systems.
● Must hold any necessary certifications and insurance for their work.
● Warrantee the installation of our products.
All new Certified Partners will be trained in the installation of our product.

● Once becoming a certified partner, we will actively market within a 100 mile radius of
your location.
● Receive direct referrals from us, connecting you with customers who have purchased
our door systems and require professional installation.
● As part of this process, you may also collect a commission for any self generated
customers of yours that would like to purchase our door system.
● As a contractor you may choose to purchase directly from us and receive a discount.

Currently, the program is only open to
partners based and licensed to work in the USA.

Partners are expected to maintain high standards of quality and reliability, complete installations
in a timely manner, and provide excellent customer service, reflecting our brand’s values. You
are also required to warranty your installation of the product.

The review process typically takes about 2-4 weeks from the time of application, depending on
the completeness of your application and current demand.

Become Certified Partner

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