Most Innovative Doors



The revolutionary net platted screen designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing outdoor area.

Remove the barrier between the inside and outside. Expand your living area and make the most of your home.

An innovative solution designed for seamless integration into a variety of settings, including kitchens, offices, restaurants, and commercial space. 

The Best Aluminum Folding Patio Doors

These innovative, energy efficient aluminum folding patio doors come in hundreds of colors and unlimited width for your project. You will have the ultimate indoor-outdoor space with this unique glass folding doors system. 

Key Features

We Designed the Most Innovative Door from the Ground Up!

Our bottom track supported door re-imagines how a folding door should look and operate. Ordinary is no fun. That’s why the Most Innovative Door Slide n Pivot system is extraordinary in every way.

Cool in summer, warm in winter.

All our doors come with dual pane Low-E glass units and provide a U-Value of an amazingly low .25

We’re not just beautiful; we are also strong!

The Pulltrum core is a glass-reinforced composite material that provides strength, stability, and superior energy efficiency. 

Clean design at every point.

Because our panels do not have beads (the stops that hold the glass in on most doors), Most Innovative doors are more attractive and offer more security. 

Bottom-track support simplifies everything.

All the weight of the Lovum door is supported on the bottom track, reducing framing costs and making putting a Most Innovative door easier.



We use dual pain tempered glass with a U-Factor of‭ .‬25‭ ‬filled with argon and with a super spacer

Energy Efficient‭

Designed to reduce heat loss in winter and solar heat in summer‭.‬

Pulltrum Core‭


A polyurethane and fiberglass composite core offers superior strength and minimum heat conductivity‭.‬


Most Innovative doors are available in black‭, ‬white‭, ‬grey or bronze‭. ‬Two-tone doors with different interior and exterior colors are standard‭.‬

Sleek Design

Reduced frame size for more viewing area‭.‬

Electronic Smart Lock

All Most Innovative doors come standard with an electronic smart lock.

Standard smart locks on every Most Innovative Door give you both security and convenience. You can remotely lock or unlock your door, provide a temporary code, deactivate a code, and much more.

Never worry again about whether you did or did not lock your door; it can automatically lock after being closed. The lock comes with battery backup, so you know it will work even in the event of a power interruption.

  • Smartphone access
  • Code access
  • Key fob access
  • Fingerprint reader

Hold-in-Place Panel Locks

No More Swaying in the Wind

Built-in “hold locks” position the opened panels at a 90° angle. Now, you no longer need to listen to panels bumping into each other when enjoying a breezy day.


We offer various track options to meet your design needs: a 3/4-inch threshold and a no-threshold option. Select between the traditional outside edge drain hole option and an underground drainage option with a hose connection.


3/4″ Threshold

Flush Threshold

CAD Profile of Track Options

3/4″ Threshold CAD Profile

Flush Threshold CAD Profile

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