Slide n  Pivot Patio Doors

Bring the outside in with a Slide n Pivot patio door by Most Innovative Doors. Individual panels are more functional than traditional bi-fold doors. Our unique bottom track means less structural support is needed to enjoy these beautiful doors. 

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Slide n Pivot 


This Slide n Pivot door system dramatically re-imagines how patio doors should operate. Rather than using hinges that connect the panels together with the way bi-folds do, the Slide n Pivot door system has individual panels that operate independently of each other. This gives you more flexibility in how you use your patio door.

 Slide n Pivot patio door system

Key Features

of The Slide n Pivot Patio Door

Main Swing Door

Every Folding Patio Door comes with a master swing door at one end. This door serves as the primary access in and out. As most of the time, you will be using your door with the rest of the panels in the secured position having the main swing door is both convenient and practical.

Bottom Track Supported

Avoid major header construction with our bottom track supported system. Traditional bi-fold load your top support beam with hundreds of pounds of weight. This ofter requires a completely new header. Not so with the Slide  n  Pivot Patio Door System

Variable Panel Placement

With independently operation panels, you can move them to the optimal position to suit your needs at the moment.

Clean and Elegant

It was important to us that our doors be modern in both design and look. By hiding all the locks and hinges inside the panels and frame, we can offer a clean and elegant door system.

German Ingenuity Hardware

Renown German Hardware utilizes stainless steel ballbearing nylon wheels  guiding each panel smoothly across the track.

Tongue & Groove Interlocking Panels

The Slide n Pivot system utilizes tongue-and-groove interlock between the sliding panels. The tongue-and-groove provides superior security and weather rating.

Track Options

Track option allows for the door to be an inswing or out swing door system.

Thermally Stable 

 Our unique thermally broken aluminum frames provide a  highly efficient door system   that is suitable for all weather conditions.

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