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The revolutionary net platted screen designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing outdoor area.

Remove the barrier between the inside and outside. Expand your living area and make the most of your home.

Combine a Most Innovative Doors with a Most Innovative Doors Push n Pivot Window ™ into an exceptional indoor/outdoor
entertainment area.

The Best Aluminum Folding Patio Doors

These innovative, energy efficient aluminum folding patio doors come in hundreds of colors and unlimited width for your project. You will have the ultimate indoor-outdoor space with this unique glass folding doors system. 

Push n Pivot ™ Kitchen Awning Window


Push n Pivot ™ Kitchen Awning Window

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Most Innovative Doors, Push n Pivot™ gas strut window is an innovative solution designed for seamless integration into a variety of settings, including kitchens, offices, restaurants, and commercial space. With its gas strut-assisted opening mechanism, this window enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Available in standard strut version as well as fully motorized.

Elevate the functionality and style of your space with the Push n Pivot™ Gas Strut Pass Through Window. Crafted with precision, this window is perfect for any setting that requires an effortless, smooth transition between spaces. The gas strut version offers a blend of advanced technology and sleek design, ensuring a seamless and reliable operation.




Key Highlights and Advantages

Space Efficiency:

Maximizes functional use of space by folding up and away when open giving you the flexibility of the whole width of the opening unlike bi-fold windows that take up valuable countertop space.


Constructed with high quality thermally broken aluminum materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather and wear.

Effortless Operation:

Gas struts provide a smooth, controlled opening and closing movement.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Offers a clean, modern look that can complement any architectural style.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, enhancing connectivity and serving functionality.


Available in standard as well as custom sizes and finishes to match specific design requirements and personal tastes.

Energy Efficient:

Helps in maintaining indoor temperature with its superior sealing technology.

Safety Features:

Designed with user safety in mind, featuring smooth edges and sturdy construction to withstand frequent use.

Gas Struct Awning Windows

Push in Pivot Standard Size & Price

Excludes Shipping and Taxes

48"w x 44"h

Price: $4,396.00

48w x 48"h

Price: $4,705.00

60"w x 44"h

Price: $5,214.00

60"w x 48"h

Price: $5,584.00

60"w x 60"h

Price: $6,700.00

72"w x 44"h

Price: $6,030.00

72"w x 48"h

Price: $6,464.00

72"w x 60"h

Price: $7,768.00

84"w x 44"h

Price: $6,848.00

84"w x 48"h

Price: $7,344.00

96"w x 44"h

Price: $7,667.00

96"w x 48"h

Price: $8,225.00

96"w x 60"h

Price: $9,899.00

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