Most Innovative Doors



The revolutionary net platted screen designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing outdoor area.

Remove the barrier between the inside and outside. Expand your living area and make the most of your home.

An innovative solution designed for seamless integration into a variety of settings, including kitchens, offices, restaurants, and commercial space. 

Beyond Doors - Ignite Your Space with Innovation!

Where innovation meets elegance, and doors open to a realm of possibilities.
Redefine your space with our cutting-edge designs, blending style seamlessly with state-of-the-art technology.


Most Innovative Doors, Slide n Pivot ™ Patio Door System

A fully bottom track supported slide-and-pivot folding patio door.

  • Individual slide-and-pivot panels
  • Bottom track supported panels – No load on header
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • No keys needed…there’s a smart lock on every door
  • Incredible .25 U-value with dual pane glass
  • Exceeds California Title-24 requirements 
  • Value priced with many extras
  • Dual color and RAL colors available

Standard Size
Folding Doors

Same great door at even greater savings.

Example: 12ft x 8ft for $8,800
plus tax and shipping.

Custom Folding

Elegantly designed with minimalist features, the Slide n Pivot  door adds just the right amount of elegance to any room.

Most Innovative Doors, Slide n Pivot ™ Patio Door System

Flag Doors

Take your design to the next level with a folding door and folding window combination. This system is a favorite of those who want to expand, not only their dinning area, but also their kitchen for the ultimate wide opening system.

Corner Doors

Expand your opening to a second wall with a corner door system and give a whole new meaning to hosting an “open house”

Most Innovative doors, Slide n Pivot ™ Patio Door system by Lovum

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Integrate Screen Solutions

Integrate Screen Solutions

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Push n Pivot ™ Kitchen Awning Window

Push n Pivot ™ Kitchen Awning Window

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